Performing a multicentre study is usually not the ideal way to collect all the data needed in the early stages of clinical drug development. That’s why CHDR has developed the Monocentre approach. With this approach, patients are brought to one central study site, where all of the necessary tests and measurements can be performed under one roof by our expert teams.


  • Rather than conducting the trial at many different facilities, all patients come to one facility
  • No need to additionally train clinicians at other centres
  • All tests performed under one roof, ensuring high consistency and quality
  • Thanks to shorter timelines and better consistency, we can offer superior results at lower cost

More patients in early-phase drug development

In recent years, we have seen an increased demand for more information and insight from early-stage studies. Sponsors want to know more than just whether their product is tolerated by patients: they want to actually see what it does in patients already in the early phases of development. Having anticipated this demand, CHDR is uniquely positioned to perform single-centre, early-stage studies in patients. We offer a diverse array of high-tech measurements, including our NeuroCart® battery and complex biomarkers, which would be nearly impossible to perform in a multicentre setup. By bringing all participating patients to our facility, we can collect a wide variety of complex data. The Monocentre approach thus facilitates the information-rich approach to early-phase drug development, supporting sponsors in making key strategic decisions.

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