Centre for Human Drug Research specialises in early-phase clinical drug research. CHDR’s overall mission is to improve the drug development process by collecting as much information as possible regarding the candidate drug in the early phases of development. This information helps sponsors make informed decisions regarding the course of clinical development for their product.

Central Nervous System

In the realm of CNS research, CHDR is particularly experienced in testing therapies for treating pain, neurodegeneration, psychiatric and sleep disorders. Using various comprehensive test batteries – such as PainCart® and NeuroCart® – and imaging techniques, the pharmacological effects of candidate drugs can be measured early in clinical development.

Internal Medicine

In the realm of Internal Medicine, including among others immunology, dermatology, vascular medicine, endocrinology or image-guided surgery, more and more biomarkers are being developed to gain as much information as possible from early clinical drug research. As an additional service to sponsors, CHDR offers comprehensive Cardiology Services.