CHDR offers a fully equipped cell culture laboratory, with flow hoods, CO2 incubators and a magnetic cell sorter, run by experienced bioanalytical staff.


CHDR has extensive experience in the isolation of primary human cells for downstream analysis of drug effects. Since sample handling can have a large effect on cellular behaviour, optimisation of cell isolation and storage is key. We have three different standardised procedures in place for the isolation of peripheral mononuclear blood cells, and we select one of these three for application in a clinical study, based on the intended use of the isolated cells. The availability of a flow cytometer and expert technical staff enables quality control of isolated cells, in terms of yield, purity and viability. The in-house laboratory at CHDR is also equipped with STEMCELL Technologies’ RoboSep magnetic cell separator. Cell sorting is frequently applied in our clinical studies for focused analysis of drug effects on target cells.

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