Gathering high-quality data in a hospitable environment:

The CHDR building offers a hospitable environment for subjects of all ages. Our experienced staff takes care of a smooth flow of activities, from the first intake to the final evaluation. The whole organisation is service oriented and our strategic partners provide the highest level of quality. Thanks to our extensive networks in the scientific community, the medical community and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, we can provide solutions to complex problems.

CHDR operates as a one-stop-shop, providing a full range of services:

- Study design / protocol development
- Regulatory submission
- Subject recruitment
- Clinical conduct
- IMP management / pharmacy
- Sample management / bioanalysis
- Study monitoring
- Data management
- Statistical analysis
- Study report writing

We also perform a range of study types:

- Proof-of-pharmacology
- First-in-Human
- Drug-Drug Interaction
- Food effect
- Proof-of-concept
- QTc
- Bioequivalence
- Bioavailability
- Biosimilar studies
- Imaging
- Microdosing

We perform on average 60 early phase clinical studies per year, of which 15 are First-in-Human studies. CHDR has more than 30 years of experience with early phase drug studies and our purpose built research unit is fully dedicated to accommodation of phase I studies, including a dedicated First-in-Human unit with ICU setting. The Hospital ER (Leiden University Medical Center) is located within 300 meters distance. More than 25 of our employees are medical doctors and all clinical staff is trained regularly in Basic & Advanced life support.