Methods & Biomarkers

CHDR’s extensive experience with biomarker research and method optimization can be used to identify or develop new methodologies, which can be tailor-made for a drug with an innovative mechanism of action or therapeutic indication. Such services can include development of laboratory analyses, pharmacological of physiological challenges, imaging techniques and PET ligands, and many more.

Central Nervous System

At CHDR, we can study the pharmacology of CNS drugs using functional test batteries such as NeuroCart, PainCart, and driving simulators, as well as imaging techniques such as resting-state fMRI and PET. Using these tools, CHDR's researchers investigate how the target systems function both in healthy subjects and in patients.

Translational Biomarkers

CHDR highly values the use of biomarkers to predict clinical success. We are constantly busy discovering and validating new biomarkers by combining knowledge, subject marterials and data analysis.

Immunology & Inflammation

To study the effect of compounds that target inflammatory pathways in the early phases of drug development, CHDR has developed and validated a series of in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo tools to induce inflammation in human cells and volunteers. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive set of objective measurements and instruments to systematically quantify a compound's effects on the skin.

Cardiovascular & Metabolic disease

CHDR offers an array of reliable and accurate cardiac electrophysiology services, including comprehensive QT analyses and functional assays, and methodology to challenge the metabolic state in human subjects, allowing early evaluation of the effect of new drugs.

Imaging Techniques

CHDR has broad experience with a range of imaging techniques, such as resting-state fMRI and PET. We are at the forefront of developing new imaging techniques, or improving existing techniques.

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