Successful implementation of a new method at CHDR: bone marrow aspiration and biopsy

CHDR’s extensive experience with biomarker research and method optimisation can be used to identify, develop or validate new methodologies, which can be tailor-made for a drug with an innovative mechanism of action or therapeutic indication. We are proud to announce that CHDR’s Oncology Team, led by Jacobus Bosch, MD, PhD, has successfully performed bone marrow aspiration and biopsy in healthy volunteers for the first time at CHDR in a proof-of-concept methodology study. This method brings great potential and opportunity for future clinical trials in healthy volunteers and patients in a variety of therapeutic areas, specifically in immuno-oncology. In-depth analysis of the bone marrow compartment can provide important insights in complex mechanisms of action of novel therapeutics, including effects on the hematopoiesis, stem cell niche and early immune cell subpopulations.

The methodology study, led by project leader Igor Radanovic, MD, is currently ongoing. The method will soon be available to be implemented in sponsored clinical trials.

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