CHDR's 2019 Annual Report is available now!

We are proud to present our 2019 Annual Report highlighting an important factor that contributed to our success in 2019: our network of collaborators, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Thanks to these synergistic collaborations, our Clinical Scientists and their colleagues in method development and biomarker research can stay ahead of rapid developments in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, enabling us to offer sponsors specific biomarker readouts which are tailored to their product.

While we were preparing this Annual Report, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the planet, providing a stark reminder of the vulnerability of individuals, organisations and societies. As we scrambled to respond to these challenges, we were even more grateful for the spirit, commitment and resilience of our staff and the support of our network of collaborators.

Click here to open the virtual version of our Annual Report, or click here to download the PDF.