Renewed, interactive version of Teaching Resource Centre (TRC)®, CHDR’s online clinical pharmacology platform, is available now!

Healthcare professionals are confronted with increasingly complex medicine prescriptions, higher costs and an increasing number of drug accidents that reach the newspapers, such as the recent oxycodone story. CHDR is convinced that with improved pharmacologic and pharmacotherapeutic knowledge, the quality of drug prescription and use will improve. Therefore, in the 1990s CHDR started the Teaching Resource Centre (TRC) platform. It provides users with quick and easy access to all available information on medicines, including clear overviews of how these medicines work. TRC is freely available and there is no need to make an account or to register. Since its introduction in the 1990’s, an estimated more than two hundred thousand of people – doctors, students, pharmacists, etc. – have accessed TRC via their phones or computers, whether to cram for exams or to look up crucial information about medicines for a patient.

Much has changed since the 1990s. Besides the numerous new treatments and drugs that have entered the market, also the technical possibilities of websites have increased enormously. Although the TRC has been updated regularly over the years, CHDR decided it was time for an entirely new platform to be built, to meet the standards and demands of the 21st century. The redesign transformed the book-like TRC intro a more dynamic, interactive resource that is both visually attractive and also offers many more interactive possibilities for education, like interactive, symbol based pictures, new animations, story based illustrations, and much more.

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