CHDR and LUMC expand educational collaboration to create a multidisciplinary course in Clinical Pharmacology

Educating students and professionals is one of CHDR’s core values. Therefore, we have been offering clinical pharmacology training to physicians and research graduates with a biomedical and/or pharmaceutical background ever since our foundation. This training was a joint effort between the department of Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology of Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and CHDR. Recently, the collaborative base has been expanded, as the department of Internal Medicine of the LUMC has also acquired training authority. 

The joint goal of the partners is to broaden and maximise the quality of the education. As an example, for CHDR’s researchers, this collaboration increases the opportunities for short-term internships in the Internal Medicine department, while for residents from the LUMC it increases the possibility to participate in the clinical pharmacological research that is carried out at CHDR. Jointly, we can offer even greater possibilities to ensure that progress in the fields of medicine and clinical pharmacology will contribute to safe and proper drug treatment with existing and newly developed interventions.

At CHDR, the course is supervised by our CEO Prof Dr Koos Burggraaf with the assistance of our director of education and the other board-certified clinical pharmacologists, at the department of Clinical Pharmacy & Toxicology Dr. Juliette Zwaveling and her team will be supervising, and internal medicine specialists Dr Naomi Klarenbeek (Associate Director at CHDR) and Prof. Dr Teun van Gelder will lead the team at the department of Internal Medicine of LUMC. 

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