The Oral Pheneticillin Absorption Test: An Accurate Method to Identify Patients with Inadequate Oral Pheneticillin Absorption

Anneke C. Dijkmans, Dinemarie M. Kweekel, Jaap T. van Dissel, Michiel J. van Esdonk , Ingrid M. C. Kamerling and Jacobus Burggraaf

Severe streptococcal infections are commonly treated with intravenous followed by oral penicillin (pheneticillin) therapy. However, switching from iv to oral therapy is complicated by the variability in oral pheneticillin absorption. We employed an Oral Absorption Test (OAT) for pheneticillin to identify patients in whom oral pheneticillin absorption is poor. Out of 84 patients 30 patients (36%) were identified as insucient absorbers. Treatment failure due to pheneticillin malabsorption can be avoided by performing an OAT, and these patients should be treated by another antibiotic, which is known to be absorbed well.