The Dutch list of essential drugs for undergraduate medical education: A modified Delphi study.

Donker EM, Pandit R, Poleij MCS, Brinkman DJ, van Agtmael MA, van Rosse F, Dumont G, Kramers C, Atiqi R, Richir MC, van Smeden J, Hessel MHM, Janssen BJ, Knol W, Tichelaar J,

Prescribing errors among junior doctors are common in clinical practice because many lack prescribing competence after graduation. This is in part due to inadequate education in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics (CP&T) in the undergraduate medical curriculum. To support CP&T education, it is important to determine which drugs medical undergraduates should be able to prescribe safely and effectively without direct supervision by the time they graduate. Currently, there is no such list with broad-based consensus. Therefore, the aim was to reach consensus on a list of essential drugs for undergraduate medical education in the Netherlands.