Specific stimulation of brain serotonin mediated neurotransmission by dexfenfluramine does not restore growth hormone responsiveness in obese women.

Kars ME, Pijl H, Cohen AF, Frölich M, Schoemaker HC, Brandenburg HC, Meinders AE

Growth hormone release in response to all known stimuli of GH secretion is blunted in obese subjects. Several studies, using d,l-fenfluramine (d,l-FF) as a serotoninergic tool, suggest that brain serotonin plays a role in the pathogenesis of this phenomenon. However, the effect of d,l-FF appears to be dependent on the stimulus used to induce GH release. Furthermore, d,l-FF has catecholamingergic properties apart from its capacity to stimulate serotonin release and to block its re-uptake. In this study, we investigated whether subchronic treatment with the highly selective serotoninergic drug dexfenfluramine (d-FF) affects the GH response to galanin or GHRH in obese subjects.