No synergistic effect of subtherapeutic doses of donepezil and EVP-6124 in healthy elderly subjects in a scopolamine challenge model.

Baakman AC, Alvarez-Jimenez R, Loewen G, de Kam ML, Broekhuizen K, Hilt DC, Groeneveld GJ

Donepezil is a widely used cholinesterase inhibitor in the management of Alzheimer's disease. Despite large-scaled evidence for its efficacy, elevated peripheral ACh levels often lead to side effects and are dose limiting. The present exploratory study is designed to determine the potentiation of the effects of donepezil by cotreatment with EVP-6124, an alpha-7 nicotinic agonist, to reduce scopolamine-induced cognitive deficits in healthy elderly subjects. Secondary objectives are to explore safety and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics effects of EVP-6124 alone and in combination with donepezil compared to placebo.