A Novel Tumor-Specific Agent for Intraoperative Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging: A Translational Study in Healthy Volunteers and Patients with Ovarian Cancer.

Hoogstins CE, Tummers QR, Gaarenstroom KN, de Kroon CD, Trimbos JB, Bosse T, Smit VT, Vuyk J, van de Velde CJ, Cohen AF, Low PS, Burggraaf J, Vahrmeijer AL

Completeness of cytoreductive surgery is a key prognostic factor for survival in patients with ovarian cancer. The ability to differentiate clearly between malignant and healthy tissue is essential for achieving complete cytoreduction. Using current approaches, this differentiation is often difficult and can lead to incomplete tumor removal. Near-infrared fluorescence imaging has the potential to improve the detection of malignant tissue during surgery, significantly improving outcome. Here, we report the use of OTL38, a near-infrared (796 nm) fluorescent agent, that binds folate receptor alpha, which is expressed in >90% of epithelial ovarian cancers.