Healthcare professionals are confronted with increasingly complex medicine prescriptions, higher costs and an increasing number of drug accidents that reach the newspapers. CHDR is convinced that with improved pharmacologic and pharmacotherapeutic knowledge, the quality of drug prescription and use will improve. Therefore, CHDR conceived and founded the Teaching Resource Centre (TRC) to develop new methods for the teaching of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.

About the platform

TRC is CHDR's freely available clinical pharmacology platform that provides users with quick and easy access to all available information on medicines, including clear overviews of pharmacological mechanisms of action. Each mechanism is displayed by a graphic using unique TRC symbols, which contribute to a better understanding. This is accompanied by explanatory text with examples and links to drug formularies and other drug mechanisms. The mechanisms are presented in the context of (patho)physiological processes. The student can assess his knowledge by answering the short questions and learn from the feedback. Besides the drug mechanisms, the TRC also explains basic pharmacodynamic and -kinetic topics. For the application of the pharmacological knowledge, the students can practice writing therapeutic plans according the 6STEP methodology. About 40 cases are available with different stages of complexity; from beginners towards advanced cases. The TRC has various user-friendly functionalities such as personalisation (each user has its own TRC page), search function, and 6STEP portfolio.

The back-end of the TRC platform registers all user statistics. This helps teachers keeping track of their students’ progress and also improving their skills in teaching pharmacology and pharmacotherapy.

The TRC platform can be viewed at


Centre for Human Drug Research and Leiden University Medical Center are proudly presenting the brand new Teaching Resource Centre (TRC) Pharmacology app as the newest teaching technology. The TRC iPad app was released and is now available as a free download.

The convenient usage of the TRC app is a further step in the development of high-end teaching material. The TRC is the system for pharmacology teaching developed as part of CHDR’s educational mission.

Features of the TRC app

  • Peer-reviewed information on basic pharmacology and system (organ) specific pharmacology
  • Thorough explanation of pharmacological mechanisms of action based on (patho-) physiology
  • Consistent graphics using the TRC symbols
  • Up-to-date pharmacological and pharmacotherapeutic information
  • Knowledge assessment with immediate feedback
  • Links to drug formularies and other drug or disease specific guidelines
  • Built-in search function
  • Free download of the entire TRC Pharmacology database
  • Fully operational offline with automatic update
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