Message of support on the conflict in Ukraine

Dear Reader,

We are appalled by the war in Ukraine started by Putin under the justification of a lie. It is with disbelief that we watch the unwarranted military actions that are being carried out in Ukraine resulting in loss of innocent lives, refugees, and the exhaustion of resources for daily livelihood and fear among the Ukrainian people. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its people as their country is under attack and being destroyed. We also support the courageous Russian citizens who condemn Putin’s actions as they risk their own safety.

As the crisis unfolds and war efforts escalate, the Ukrainian people will need all possible support. At CHDR we will keep the Ukrainian people in our thoughts, and we will donate 10 Euro for each research participant to national Dutch initiatives that provide medical support to the Ukraine.

Geert Jan Groeneveld and Koos Burggraaf – Executive Board