The ability to identify adverse cardiac effects is a crucial part of early drug development. CHDR offers an array of cardiac electrophysiology services, including comprehensive QT analyses and functional assays


  • CHDR has been monitoring cardiac function for more than two decades. These services are offered directly to our sponsors, eliminating the need for third-party ECG analyses.
  • CHDR Cardiology Services utilise in-house expertise and established collaborations with clinical cardiologists at the Vrije University Medical Centre in Amsterdam and Leiden University Medical Centre.
  • Cost-effective and highly informative, as the measurements are interpreted in the context of other study data.
  • We offer a wide range of Good Clinical Practice (GCP)-certified diagnostic procedures.


CHDR helps develop cardiovascular drugs and compounds that can affect cardiac rhythm and/or function. To reach the next stage in cardiovascular research, CHDR is also developing new products and strategies, for example monitoring cardiac functions in subjects at home through the use of portable ECG devices such as the Vital Connect HealthPatch®

Overview of Cardiology Products and Services

  • Continuous Holter monitoring with 24-48 hour recorders
  • Echocardiography
  • Cardiac MRI and PET scanning
  • ECG recording and analysis (GE Dash 3000™ monitors and GE MAC® 5500 ECG machines)
  • Continuous telemetry
  • Reporting and submission of data
  • Data Management (a MUSE dedicated pharmacology database for ECG data recordings, and electronic storage and upload formats compatible with the ECG Warehouse)


This novel “one-stop shopping” cardiology service was inspired by our desire to offer improved and more comprehensive services to our sponsors. Prof. Burggraaf:

It's more practical and more time-efficient; and because there’s no intermediary involved, costs are reduced. Of course, these are important considerations. But as both a pharmacologist and a scientist, I think it's even more important to have all the pieces of the puzzle in one place. So when I interpret a subject’s ECG, I can do so within the context of this particular subject at this particular time and place. That's why I strongly believe that we now provide considerable added value by combining early-stage drug development with our comprehensive cardiology service. This integrated approach ensures that we have all the important data in one database, ready to be added to the trial dossier.
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