CHDR has been a front runner in the field of vascular medicine ever since the establishment of the organization.


  • Cardiac output and vascular function
  • ECG & holters
  • Organ blood flow: forearm, kidney, liver, carotid artery
  • Coagulation


Our experience includes the entire spectrum of cardiac (Wissmann et al) and vascular function (Moerland M et al, Moerland M et al) including coagulation (Kluft C et al, Faaij et al) and organ blood flow measurements (Kemme et al.). For our broad customer base, we have successfully employed advanced electrocardiographic recordings allowing accurate and thorough QT-interval measurements (van Haarst et al,van Haarst et al.), arterial and venous function measurements and complex coagulation studies in patients and volunteers. We wish to employ these techniques to answer questions that are pertinent to your compound.

CHDR cardiology 

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