CHDR has a significant track record in drug development of therapeutics for immunological diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, multiple sclerosis, etc, and related conditions such as fibrosis.


Assessment of the anti-inflammatory efficacy of new drugs in humans during early drug development is difficult. In general, only in phase II of drug development, the therapeutic efficacy of such drug can be estimated. Assessment of potential therapeutic efficacy in earlier stages greatly stimulates and facilitates a more rational development of anti-inflammatory compounds. Therefore, CHDR offers reliable and accurate methodology to induce inflammatory responses in whole blood or isolated immune cells, allowing evaluation of the immune-modulating effects of new drugs in the earliest phase: in vitro/ex vivo inflammatory challenges. CHDR provides a GCP- and GCLP-compliant environment that combines all key items for successful drug development. We offer state-of-the art assays carried out by fixed partner labs, ensuring the highest content (academic) quality combined with the mandatory process quality. Importantly, CHDR is an acknowledged and respected partner of the main Dutch academic medical centers and multiple teaching hospitals, which allows access to key opinion leaders in various specializations in internal medicine, and an established network allowing access to relevant patient populations. CHDR has extensive collaborations with experts in the field of PK/PD modeling, systems biology, and systems pharmacology, allowing the most efficient and advanced analysis of collected data. As a result of this integrated service by CHDR, the client gets all answers to its questions quickly without the hassle of dealing with multiple parties LPS Challenge
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