CHDR InnoS™: A novel approach to consultancy in the pharma-ceutical and biotech industry

Providing team-based consultancy services

CHDR has three decades of experience in innovative clinical drug research. During our long history, we have advised both large and small companies regarding their drug development programmes. In 2018, CHDR established InnoS™ (Innovation Services), a full-service international consultancy group that draws on our vast network of pharmacological and clinical expertise. Many technical consultants in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are relatively small firms without connections to academic institutions. At InnoS, we’ve created a vast network of consultants who are experts in specific subjects and who work together with talented young researchers and PhD students, ensuring that our knowledge and expertise are always at the forefront.

InnoS highlights

- InnoS provides advice to pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, investors, researchers with a new business plan, governments, and regulatory organisations.

- InnoS also forms strategic partnerships with biotech companies, providing knowledge, an interim CMO and/or CSO (if needed), and other essential resources to help the company succeed.

- InnoS offers a comprehensive range of services through every step in the development process, from the beginning phases of drug design, to clinical drug development, and even into the post-marketing phase.

- Our consultants have an established track record in the pharmaceutical industry and in the drug development process, contributing to our success in both business and academia.

- Because InnoS is a fully independent unit at CHDR, our clients benefit from our expertise and have access to CHDR's Clinical Research Unit and Biomarker Development programme, all while retaining the freedom to work with other partners in the drug development process.

- InnoS is also affiliated with the 123 Innovation Initiative, a partnership between CHDR and investors aimed at closing the gap between the laboratory and market applications.

InnoS at a glance

- Establish a sound R&D strategy in close collaboration with company management.

- Develop a question-based drug development plan for optimal cost effectiveness.

- Provide comprehensive analyses of preclinical data.

- Optimise and/or revise excisting development plans and target profiles, including addressing development issues, identifying indications, and optimising dosage.

- Supply additional technical and/or clinical services and expertise with high-level operational feasibility using our vast network of medical and scientific experts; these services include:

     - Developing innovative, new methodologies

     - Identifying and utilising biomarkers

     - Developing and applying PK/PD models and simulations

- Provide advice to address emerging problems.

- Provide strategic advice with respect to regulatory bodies.

New tools for innovative drug development

At CHDR, we’ve always provided consultancy services ‒ in one form or another ‒ to our clients and sponsors. Thus, it is only natural that the specific products and tools that we’ve developed through the years are now included in the services offered by InnoS. One example is our new IB-Derisk analyser, which helps researchers create a colour-coded database of all of the preclinical data contained in the Investigator’s Brochure. By helping the investigator visualise the relationship between the test compound’s dose and the pharmacological effects, the IB-Derisk analyser can help reveal any possible risks that may arise in first-in-human studies.

For more information see our publication.

Working closely with other groups at CHDR

Clients who work with InnoS will benefit from CHDR’s vast expertise in drug development and biomarker science, as well as other CHDR initiatives and projects such as Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden, where ambitious students and researchers learn the principles of drug development and gain the tools they need to bring their ideas to the market.

123 Innovation initiative

The 123 Innovation Initiative was created in collaboration with CHDR to provide nondilutive financing for early-stage clinical trials that are more effective, more informative and more efficient. The 123 Innovation Initiative is best suited for the following entities:

  • Start-up companies seeking to obtain early clinical data without diluting their equity
  • Academic programmes that need clinical data for creating spin-off businesses or partnerships with pharma companies
  • Biotech companies that need to address specific questions without diluting their equity
  • Programmes that have a promising approach but need to refocus after encountering initial roadblocks

Step 1: Question based drug development programme

Step 2: Offer venture loans

Step 3: Start micromilestones program

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